“Evil in the Boardroom takes the elements of a riveting autobiography, a how-to for those seeking venture capital for a start-up, throws in real life example's of how the machinations of internal business politics can quickly bring a very successful company to the brink of failure through deception, greed, and pride. While the business aspects provide valuable lessons to anybody looking to start their own business, regardless of the industry, the most riveting element of the book is the narration and storytelling by the author. Dewayne weaves a very relatable and engaging story of growing up in less than stellar circumstances and the unique struggles encountered on the way to becoming a successful entrepreneur.”

“This will offer a real world perspective on business, start-ups and the venture capital world. While most books and blogs glorify the fast-paced / big-money world of start-ups, Evil in the Boardroom describes the reality of hard work vs. getting rich quick. The book explains that running a business is about sacrifice and sometimes about disappointment. This is a great book for anyone in the business world.”

“What an extraordinary read! Being a retired business executive, I strongly recommend this for everyone in the corporate world. I was so impressed with Mr Adamson's perseverance, integrity and determination in this story. I lent my copy to a friend who chairs, oversees and operates approximately 10 multi-million dollar companies and he could not put the book down. Congratulations to the author for an eye opening experience.”